April 8, 2015 - Pursuant to the unveiling of a Plan Nord largely consistent with the broad outlines of its Vision 30-30, the Quebec Association for renewable energy (AQPER) applauds the government's enlightened pragmatism.

"Initiatives to replace the aging power plants in northern communities are a step in the right direction," says Jean-François Samray, CEO of the Association. "Renewable energy production is based on various solid technologies that can adapt to different environments. Cogeneration plants using residual forest biomass or biogas could be well suited to some areas, while the integration of wind and small hydropower plants would be best for others. Development can be planned around resource availability, the preferences of host communities and production costs."

Renewable energies are much more cost-effective than the diesel or heavy fuel oil used to generate power in Northern Quebec and other regions not connected to the grid. The clear orientation given to the mining sector encouraging it to choose renewable energy means it won't be left behind.

"The is a power deficit in Quebec," says Mr. Samray. "Fifty-six percent of its energy is imported. Replacing petroleum products, which are currently widely consumed here, with renewable energy is central to our Vision 30-30 and we are very happy that the government is moving in this direction."

About the Vision 30-30
The AQPER Vision 30-30, published in March, calls for improving the Quebec economy through the increased development of renewable energy to replace fossil fuels.

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